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PC Auto Shutdown 5.3

Schedule the automatic shutdown of your PC while performing additional actions
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Schedule the automatic shutdown of your PC while performing additional actions. PC auto shutdown allows you not only to shut down but also to power off, reboot, hibernate, suspend and log off your system at the specified time. You can set it to perform it once, daily, on weekdays or weekly, and schedule several events simultaneously on your PC.

The program starts with a wizard that will guide you through the process of creating your first schedule. You can later modify it and add new schedules. The user interface offers eight tabs, which provide you with access to all the functions available. You can define customized hot-keys for any of the program's actions, and also set the program to prevent users from changing the system time. In addition, you can set the countdown time for an action, and enable or disable an "Abort" button in the countdown window.

With regard to timers, you can add as many as you wish, each with a different action. When you add a new timer, you can specify a title, an action, the exact starting time, and its frequency (once, daily, on weekdays, or weekly). On another tab you can select as many additional cleaning actions as you wish to be performed when shutting down your PC - empty the recycle bin, erase Windows' temporary files, the cache, the cookies and the Internet Explorer history, and/or the recent document list. In other words, you can tell the program to perform some basic system maintenance for you while shutting down your PC!

Finally, the program allows you to set a password on it, so that no other users can run it, deactivate or delete your timers, or make any other changes. You can also enable an event logging for this program. In conclusion, this simple but powerful application will surely be of great use to many system administrators.

Ricardo Soria
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  • Includes a wizard that helps you create your first schedule
  • Allows you to perform an automatic system maintenance while shutting down your PC
  • You can add several timers, each with a different action
  • You can configure your timers to perform actions once, daily, on every weekday or weekly
  • Allows you to define hotkeys for all the actions available
  • Allows you to set a security password


  • The program does not minimize to the task bar, which makes it a bit difficult to manage
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