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PC Auto Shutdown 5.5

This tool allows you to automatize the shutdown process of your Windows system
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PC Auto Shutdown is a handy app which allows you to automatize the shutdown process of your Windows system. You can specify a shutdown time and configure it to go off on a daily or weekly basis. Besides, this program allows you to schedule not only shutdown events, but also power off, reboot, hibernate, suspend, and log off events. You can also keep two or more of these events active.

The program was designed to be intuitive and easy to use. When you run it for the first time, PC Auto Shutdown launches a sort of wizard which guides you through the process of creating your first automatic events. From the second time on, the program offers you a tabbed interface where you can manage all your schedule events and schedule new ones. When you create a new event, you need to provide a title, the action to be taken, the time (in hours and minutes), and the frequency policy. Afterwards, you can edit or delete your scheduled events, or enable/disable them at your choice.

But PC Auto Shutdown does not limit itself to creating and managing shutdown events. It also allows you to perform many additional tasks, like assigning hot keys to all supported actions so that you can execute any of them quickly. Besides, you can configure an alarm sound to warn the user that the PC is about to shut down or log off, and also configure the duration of the countdown. Moreover, you can also configure some cleaning tasks to be automatically executed before the scheduled action. Those tasks include clearing the recycle bin, the Windows' temp folder, the Internet Explorer temp files and cookies, and the recent document list, among others.

Finally, the program also introduces a security layer – it allows you to set up a user password, so that nobody else can create, delete or modify your scheduled events in any way. To sum up, even though this is a lightweight and simple application, it allows you to schedule as many events as you might need, and to be the only person to manage them.

Ricardo Soria
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  • Intuitive
  • Easy to use
  • Allows you to schedule recurrent shutdown tasks
  • Allows you to keep multiple shutdown tasks active
  • You can assign hot keys to all supported actions
  • You can set alarm sounds
  • It can execute some basic system cleaning tasks before shutting down you system


  • The only format supported for the audio alerts is WAV
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