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PC Auto Shutdown 6.0

It lets you automatically shutdown, restart, log off, etc the system
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PC Auto Shutdown is a simple, neat, and handy application that lets you schedule the automatic performing of various computer operating tasks like shutdown, restart, log off, hibernate, sleep/suspend, etc.

Anyway, PC Auto Shutdown is much more than just a simple utility to set timers and automatically turn off or restart the computer, as it comes with a lot of handy additional options and features. For example, it offers several ways to schedule the upcoming events, either by using timers to countdown until that moment, or by specifying that exact moment. Recurring schedules can also be easily set.

PC Auto Shutdown also offers support for setting up hotkeys that will allow you to perform various actions more quickly, and it can also be protected with the use of assigned passwords so that other users cannot change your schedules. Alarm sounds can be set up to warn you that a shutdown or other similar event is about to happen. These alarms can be customized using any sound file to your liking.

The part I like the most about this neat tool is the fact that it can also perform maintenance tasks automatically, when shutting down, logging off or rebooting the system. For example, it can clean up the Internet Explorer cookies, history, temporary files, or the Recycle Bin.

Cutting long story short, PC Auto Shutdown is a great utility especially since it offers so many features while managing to remain lightweight and easy to use.

Margie Smeer
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  • Supports several scheduling methods
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Allows customizing the alarm sounds
  • It can automatically perform system cleaning tasks before shutting down you system


  • The only format supported for the audio alerts is WAV
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