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PC Auto Shutdown 6.6

Schedules automatic shutdown and other related events on a PC
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PC Auto Shutdown is a handy app that allows you to schedule the automatic shutdown of your PC at a specific time. Besides shutdown, you can also schedule the power-off, reboot, hibernate, suspend and logoff actions for your PC. You can configure multiple actions to be executed at different times, and they can be executed only once, or on a daily or weekly basis.

The program offers a tiny user interface which is based on tabs. The main one is probably "Timer", as it shows your scheduled tasks and allows you to edit them or create new ones. Besides scheduling all the mentioned actions, you can also define hotkeys for them all, so you can execute any of them immediately at any moment, in a really quick way. Moreover, you can enable some system optimization tasks to be automatically executed during the programmed action, like the cleaning of the recycle bin, the temporary files, the browsers cookies, the browsers and address bar histories, and the recent documents list.

Security is also a very important aspect for PC Auto Shutdown. Firstly, it allows you to set a protection password, so that only those who knows it can access and operate the program. Secondly, you can enable an option to prevent users from changing the system time, so that you can be completely sure that your scheduled actions will be executed at the programmed time. And finally, you can enable the logging of the actions executed either automatically or manually, and review the generated log files later.

Last, I would like to mention that the program allows you to enable a sound alarm to be played while a scheduled action is activated, and also, you can optionally enable an "Abort" button, so that you (or any other user) can cancel the scheduled action before it is actually executed. Of course, you can also set the countdown time in seconds, which is the time the user can use to cancel the action or save his/her work. Unfortunately, only sound files in WAV format can be used for the sound alarm.

To sum it all up, I would consider PC Auto Shutdown as the perfect tool for anyone who needs to schedule any of the described tasks. You can test it for 15 days before having to make a buying decision.

Ricardo Soria
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  • Allows you to define hotkeys for all the supported actions
  • Can execute some optimization tasks during the shutdown action
  • Offers strong security functions
  • Allows you to set a countdown time and a warning sound


  • Only WAV files can be used for the sound alarm
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