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PC Auto Shutdown 3.9

Configure and schedule shutdowns with PC Auto ShutDown
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PC Auto ShutDown, is a simple and small program which enables its user to program Windows' shutdown, the system's hibernation, suspension, reboot, or the current user's logging off. These actions are performed in very few steps. You just have to select which action you want the program to carry out, and schedule it at your choice.

The main window shows the different applications this program is empowered with. Among many options, you are offered to select the countdown duration, which will permit you to see in how much time the shutdown will be accomplished. Plus, you have a list of hot keys you can use to do the shutdowns by yourself if you have not scheduled any actions. On top of this, the program can be configured with various quantities of different timers, so that you can select different times for every shutdown.

If you want, a sound can be set for you to know when the application is about to do its duty. Even more helpful is the option of setting a cleanup, so that every time a shutdown is carried out, some parts of your installed programs will be cleaned, and this will provide protection and free space. And finally, set a password, so that other users were not allowed to change the program's configuration. All in all, an easy way to handle your PC, and make it even more personal and secure.

Juan Morán
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  • Small program
  • Easy to run
  • Enables complete control of actions to be carried out


  • Not essential to most PC users
  • No choice of languages
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