PC Auto Shutdown

PC Auto Shutdown 7.4

Shutdown, power off, reboot, hibernate, suspend, or log off PC at schedule time

There are various reasons why you may want to have your PC shut down, suspended, logged off, or make it go into hibernation automatically. Be it due to privacy concerns or just to save energy, PC Auto Shutdown offers you all the possibilities you will ever require to turn off your laptop or desktop PC safely and without your personal intervention.

Simple as the tasks described may look, PC Auto Shutdown seems to take them very seriously, requiring you to define very clearly the action you want it to take for you when the time comes. To make things a bit easier, it will open on wizard mode in order to guide you smoothly and effectively through the whole setup process.

Your first choice will define the shutdown action you want the program to perform for you – complete shutdown, power off, reboot, hibernation, suspension, or log off. Then you have to choose the best timing – at what time, on what days of the week, etc. Next, you’ll be asked to configure the countdown, so you have ample time to stop whatever you are doing, close your windows, and prepare your computer for shutdown. Alternatively, you can tell the program to show an “Abort” button on the countdown window, in case you had second thoughts.

Another option is to assign a hotkey or key combination to each of the shutdown actions supported, so that you can trigger them in a snap at any time. You can also enable a sound alarm to the selected action and even combine it with a number of clean-up tasks that the program will perform during shutdown. Finally, you can protect your settings and the whole setup process you’ve gone through with a strong password to prevent other users from tampering with your choices.

PC Auto Shutdown is both reliable and efficient. It would look a bit more reliable and efficient had it a more modern and attractive look and feel, though. The program requires you to pay a not-very-low license fee (or so it looks for the functionality it delivers) to unleash its full potential. Some may even find it not that expensive, and surely, everyone will find it extremely useful.

Francisco Martínez
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Review summary


  • Includes a wizard-based interface for easy setup
  • Offers comprehensive settings to cover all possible needs
  • Combine shutdown events with clean-up tasks
  • Protect your shutdown settings with a password


  • Has a poorly-designed interface
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