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PC Auto Shutdown 6.2

This app allows you to program automatic shutdown events for your computer
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As you surely guessed, PC Auto Shutdown allows you to program automatic shutdown events for your computer. In fact, not only shutdown is supported, as other events such as power-off, reboot, hibernate, suspend and log-off can be programmed as well. The program also looks after your privacy, as it's capable of clearing some histories and tracks automatically, before the shutdown event.

When you run the program for the first time, it launches a wizard that helps you both schedule your first task and configure the program's general parameters. To create a task, you just need to specify a title, select the shutdown action and select the task's frequency which can be daily, weekly or just once - you can select the day of the week when the action will be executed.

As for the program's general parameters, you can enable a countdown and set its duration, set individual hotkeys for immediate execution of each supported action, enable a sound alarm, enable or disable the automatic cleanup actions you want to be executed, password-protect the app to prevent other users to change your settings, and enable events logging. Unfortunately, these parameters apply to all your scheduled tasks, which might be a disadvantage in some situations. For example, if you schedule daily and weekly tasks, but you want the automatic cleanup to be executed only weekly, this isn't possible using this tool. By the way, the elements you can enable for automatic cleaning are the recycle bin, the temporary folder of Windows, the temporary files, cookies and history of Internet Explorer, and the recent document list.

In short, if you're one of those persons who usually forget their PC on, PC Auto Shutdown will surely come in handy to you, - and it'll probably save your money too -, while it gives a basic protection to your privacy along the way. However, if you have more advanced or specific needs, you probably need another tool.

Ricardo Soria
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  • Capable of executing automatic history and tracks clearing tasks
  • You can password-protect it to prevent unauthorized manipulation
  • Offers you different schedule frequencies for your tasks
  • Allows you to enable a countdown and an alarm


  • Its general settings apply to all the scheduled tasks
  • Supports WAV audio files only for the alarm sound
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